How to Handle Delivery and Logistics During the COVID-19 Shutdown

How to Handle Delivery and Logistics During the COVID-19 Shutdown

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Hi there,

First of all, I hope you are staying safe and staying home.

What we never expected or saw coming is here with us…

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 is real, and it is here within our midst. The global pandemic has caused a global lockdown on businesses and other institutions, directly affecting the economy.

The lock down is essential in battling the virus, but it has negative effects on the economy and businesses.

While some businesses can’t even run from home, others can, using various communication channels like phone, email, WhatsApp, social media, website, etc. to market and receive orders from customers.

This is goodnews in that it keeps the economy running. But there’s still a challenge. How do you handle logistics of delivering purchased items to customers?

There’s good news.

The government of Lagos Nigeria has directed some businesses to keep running even in the lock down. Such businesses include health care providers, food vendors, logistics companies and a few others.

That means you can go ahead and take orders without worrying about deivering them.

But you still have to be careful with companies you trust to handle logistics and delivery for your business.

Here are the most important factors to look out for in any logistics company, especially in this period:

  1. Trust
  2. Reliability
  3. Speed
  4. Efficiency
  5. Capacity

Here are a few suggestions we believe have these 3 factors

As SVL Delivery Services partner, you will enjoy all of that and more, including:

Reliable, safe and prompt deliveries to your door step.
Continuous 24 hours Services to ensure you are served even at critical times of needing that items.
We take the heat, the risk and the inconvenience that give you all the times to do many other things you need to do.

Thanks in advance to your good orders.

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Until this pandemic is over, stay safe, stay home, but also, stay in business.